Inspired and sourced by nature, handcrafted for the awakened, 

Rewaken represents a fresh new take on top-notch resort & urban wear.

Blending fine-quality, plant-based fabrics with100% hand-embroidered artwork, 

Rewaken’s ethos reflects the “style is eternal” perspective where authenticity and sustainability coexist.

Exclusively designed by Merve Kırşan & Tuba Albustanoğlu, created for the free-spirited women,

each piece embraces fluid forms of movement. Airy, in flow, a part of her nature.





Our present identifies our future. We value actions to protect nature by using energy more efficiently and reducing our ecological footprint. Merging sustainably sourced natural textiles with handcrafted design; we improve the lifecycle of clothes. We choose 100% Linen, Cotton, Tencel, Lyocell and Bamboo fabrics to create a soft, breathable, fine-quality range.




It’s all about the details. And details are at the heart of everything we do. Multi-functionally designed with hand-embroidered artwork, each piece of Rewaken represents the ethos of artisanship. Behind our collections, each and every texture is 100% handcrafted in embroidery hoops as a canvas of artful stories.




We are dedicated to ethical sourcing, fair trade and eco-conscious solutions in all phases of crafting, dyeing, packaging, shipping and recycling. Both for the people involved and the planet we all live on. We use 100% recyclable materials and biodegradable fabrics to reduce our waste, energy and carbon footprint, as a reminder that we are all connected.